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Nicholas Britell – Andante Risoluto (“Succession” Finale Theme) / piano score with fingerings

The outstanding music score for the “Succession” series impossible to forget once having heard, tragic and majestic, the Andante Risoluto ends the 4th season, putting to it an uncertain and ambiguous point. Here is the easy-to-read piano score with fingerings of this beautiful finale theme, for advanced and intermediate amateurs.

Advantages of the score: this is a “variation form”, each variation takes 8 bars and has the same sequence of chords, so beside the first 16 bars, every 8 bars the chords are repeated.

Difficulties: large intervals in the left hand part and the fairly virtuoso “lace” in the right hand (hence the need to memorize certain passages).

For beginners: the first page (as well as the end of the score) is easy to read thanks to the repetition of the chords and the common notes between them. Typical error: playing the chords in a sharp way (staccato), this does not go with the character of the music. On the contrary, keep your hand as close to the keyboard as possible in order to get the smooth sound without any chord coming out louder than the others.

Succession pianocover with easy piano sheet en pdf

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